Real Estate photos

Plain real estate photos can show a house. Great real estate photos can sell a house!

I offer high-quality real estate photos to help you sell your listing faster. I take these photos in two different ways- HDR or Flash Blending (FLambient).


What's the difference between HDR and Flash Blending (FLambient)?

HDR uses multiple exposures combined together for a deep, rich photo.

HDR Example


Flash Blending (FLambient) uses a normal photo (ambient) combined with a flash photo to give this combination a little extra 'pop'. This can also help with poorly-lit rooms. FLambient photos are available for a nominal extra charge. This is due to the extra time to shoot and to process these photos.

FLambient Example



Photo shoots are based on the size of the house. This includes about 20-25 photos for an average photo shoot.


Real Estate Galleries

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Please contact me with any questions. I look forward to helping you sell your listing fast!